Summit Courses – Jan 18 & 19, 2023
Post-Summit Courses – January 23 - 26, 2023


Being 2030 Ready!

By 2030, half of the work we get paid to do today will by automated by technology, 10% of jobs will be in job categories that don’t exist today, and demand for technological skills will surge by 55%. Are you ready?

Being “2030 ready” means more than just applying automation, robotics, and AI. It involves a shift in leadership and culture — a modern approach to skilling, a cognitive division of labour, and a complete business model evolution. Andrew Au, an authority on digital transformation, provides audiences with a glimpse into this future and the pathways needed to prepare for this new world of work.

Andrew will explore how to use technology and data to deliver better experiences to realtors, home buyers/sellers, and employees and his work on digital transformation projects related to commercial real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction. We will look at different ways of using mixed reality, digital twins, and AI-enabled analytics to drive industry innovation.