Summit Courses – Jan 17 – 21, 2022
Pre-Summit – January 10 - 14, 2022

Director Enrichment

Session 1: Courageous Conversations Around the Board Table

With Graham Kaufmann

Join the highly engaging professional facilitator for an impactful session that will explain the root causes of difficult conversations in a Board setting. This session will help you to transition from a difficult discussion to a courageous one. Participants will learn how to build trust and show empathy build consensus during decision making.

Session 2: Panel Discussion on Evolving Governance

With Rahul Bhardwaj, Moderated by Adorna Carroll

This dynamic panel discussion will explore the Impacts on Governance on a Post Pandemic world including the changes to corporate governance and fiduciary duty. Panel members will discuss the implications for Board oversight and risk including the new cyber risk and the move to digital geopolitics.

Session 3: Containing Harassment Risk to your Organizations

With Laura Williams

Dealing with organizational harassment and sexual harassment has become increasingly challenging and risky for organizations to navigate. The awareness of high-profile cases, social movement activity, enhanced legislative protections and expanded employee entitlements have emboldened those experiencing and observing this misconduct to bring their issues forward. As obligations have increased and potential costs for violations have expanded, it is critical for organizations to understand how to proactively contain this conduct, and ensure their Boards are aware of the obligations and increased exposures to liability for violations where organizations do not adequately meet the requirements to protect their employees.

Session 4: A Board’s Oversight of Strategy

Jane Halford

Many boards are comfortable participating in periodic strategy sessions but what is the board’s role in overseeing strategy throughout the year? The session will provide participants fresh ideas to look at their organization’s strategy in 2022 and practical approaches that can be integrated into upcoming board agendas. Looking at a Pandemic Planning Framework will help associations Respond, Recover and Renew!