Summit Courses – Jan 17 – 21, 2022
Pre-Summit – January 10 - 14, 2022

Director Fundamentals

Session 1: Bouncing Back – Growth is Coming…

With Leonard Brody

This session will help you gain a better understanding of the historical context for this moment and how we can shift our perspective so we can bounce back in the post pandemic world. Times of crises are always followed by periods of growth and the organizations that are ready to embrace this reality will be the business leaders in the years to come. Leonard will bring insight and research, tempered with his experience, to help illustrate the important big picture approach for how we can best lean in to the inevitable economic upswing just around the corner.

Session 2: Optimizing Governance in Far from Optimal Times

With Tom Abbott

Strategic planning sessions never planned for this. A global pandemic that would change the way we live and work. “Unprecedented” is an understatement. Join your association colleagues as we discuss such topics as: establishing codes of conduct, managing board performance and running effective meetings and strategic planning sessions in this increasingly virtual reality. In this session, we will lean on each other to optimize governance in far from optimal times.

Session 3: Collaborative Edge. Communication Strategies to Increase your Influence

With Lauren Sergy

Communication in our professional lives can be a source of stress. Your ability to influence with integrity and have productive conversations even in tense situations make a very real difference to organizational effectiveness. While many think these abilities require a quick wit or silver tongue, they actually stems from awareness, empathy, planning…and some handy in-the-moment tools to bring it all together. In this candid but fascinating talk, communication expert Lauren Sergy digs into the common barriers and building blocks for collaborative communication. You will learn high-level concepts and ground-level tools that will help you: Persuade and influence with integrity, diffuse tension while encouraging openness in heated conversations, and communicate with more clarity.

Session 4: Meeting Rules…Friend or Foe?

With Todd Brand

Whether you’re a committee chair looking for skills to be a better facilitator around the committee table, or a director on your board hoping to gain a better understanding of Roberts Rules of Order, this session is for you. Using meeting rules (yes, even Robert’s Rules!) can speed up your meetings and increase your board and committee productivity. Discover useful tips and tools for chairs and directors to use at your next meeting! Explore Roberts Rules of Order and common areas of misunderstanding that lead to errors and inefficient meetings.