Summit Courses – Jan 17 – 21, 2022
Pre-Summit – January 10 - 14, 2022


Executive Officers Professional Development

Beth & Rob Andress

Violence Prevention Specialists

SAFE International

Our passion to understand violence for the protection of others has provided us the gift of helping many people. Being trained and certified as Core Professionals with SAFE International, the World’s Leader in Violence Education, we have had the privilege of training Professional Realtors across Ontario and Western Canada and into parts of the United States through a reality training workshop called Realtor Self Protection & Strategies to Avoid Violence.

We specialize in awareness and the understanding of violence, with De-Escalation Tactics being our main focus, however we also know that 6% of Canadian Realtors will or have faced Anti- Social Violence encounters. Due to this alarming number, we also specialize in a form of Self Defence referred to as Pure & Applied Debilitation Training. We have trained children as young as 7 to adults in their early 80’s, and we look forward to seeing and meeting you at the Executive Officers’ Summit, where we will discuss a topic we call Asocial Violence