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Executive Officers Professional Development

Christian Vulpe

Chief Operating Officer

Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success, Inc.

Christian Vulpe and Kathrina Loeffler are a mother-son team who run Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success, Inc. Together they and their team of professionals provide a number of services to their clients including leadership and management services where they are responsible to manage operations and report to two Boards of Directors: a not-for-profit organization and a charitable organization. They also provide accreditation services for associations and regulators including the development and evaluation of standards and the development and management of accreditation processes. And finally, they provide leadership development education to leadership teams and coaching services to leaders within those teams.


Kathrina is the CEO of FICS and the Executive Director of the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA) and Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR). Christian is the COO of FICS and General Manager of CMTCA and Director of Finance and Administration of CPAR. He is responsible for ensuring that all of the services FICS provides to their clients are supported with a strong financial, HR and IT infrastructure. Providing cost-effective, high-quality services to our clients is our reason for being and we couldn’t do it without a high performing, nimble and multi-talented team of professionals supporting all of our work.


Kathrina and Christian both have a B.Ed. and M.Ed. and are Certified Ontario Teachers as well as Certified John Maxwell Team members. Christian and Kathrina were trained by St. Francis Xavier University in adult education and Kathrina has the following certifications, CHE, CPF, Licensed LEADS Facilitator and Certified Lean Practitioner.