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Eddie LeMoine

Hailing from Canada, Eddie has established himself as a celebrated author, certified virtual speaker, seminar leader, and corporate trainer with international recognition. His outstanding work has recently been acknowledged with the esteemed Vistage Canada Speaker of the Year 2022 award.

This accolade highlights Eddie’s remarkable influence on Canadian business leaders through consistently impressive ratings, uplifting member feedback, and significant contributions to the TEC Canada business community.

Eddie’s unparalleled success stems from his unique ability to connect business outcomes with personal growth, motivating individuals to realize their full potential. With an extensive background of over 40 years as a distinguished professional speaker and accomplished business executive, Eddie’s firsthand experiences lend credibility and relatability to his presentations.

Recognized for his expertise in changing demographics, diversity, performance development, and productivity enhancement, Eddie fosters leadership, employee engagement, attraction and retention, resilience, and the psychology of success.