Summit Courses – Jan 17 – 21, 2022
Pre-Summit – January 10 - 14, 2022


Director Fundamentals

Leonard Brody

Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Bestselling Author

Leonard Brody is a business and technology visionary. He has been recently named one of the top 30 up-and-coming management thinkers in the world, Leonard Brody is known as “a leader of the new world order”. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, venture capitalist, bestselling author, and a two-time Emmy-nominated media visionary. In his compelling, customized talks — for clients ranging from the United Nations to Visa and Pepsi — Leonard addresses the rapid pace of change, innovation, and disruption facing us all, and what to do about it. Will discuss historical cycles over the past 350 years that demonstrate how things post Covid-19 will shake out. Will learn about key behavioural shifts that will remain after the pandemic and what changes are likely to be only temporary.